Onra - Chinoiseries (2007)

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Po dlhom case vyborna vec na pocuvanie :) vietnamske beaty

Samplovane stare vinyly z vietnamu, s prijemnou atmosferou v pohodovom hiphop rytme.

take vecerne pocuvanie :)


EN info (zdroj)

First of all lets start off with who Onra is,Onra is a Paris based hip-hop DJ who has been recoding at the REDBULL music academy in Barcelona.

Now onto the album (CHINOISERIES). On a trip home to Vietnam to visit his mother and being a vinyl junky he could not pass up this opportunity in his home country to obtaining some precious vinyl. So he went on a search for classic vintage Vietnamese pop records in flee markets. he found around 30 vintage pop albums almost historical finds, some barely in playable condition, but enough to get his samples for his album.

In the end his album gave a better and more defined sound to the Vietnamese finds and his own personal sound. To explain... in any song you like there is usually a part of that song you like the most over the rest of it, well Onra just decided to use the really catchy parts as his songs.with songs not exceeding three minuets On this album he combines his own made hip-pop beats laced with vintage Vietnamese pop samples from probably 30 different records he brought back from his trip.

What I really like about this album is that you can hear the records in which he obtained his samples from, cracking in the background and it gives it an aged listening to old vinyl sound. One thing i didn't like about this album being that with 32 tracks you can kind of get lost at what point you are at in the record. Now as always the tracks to look out for on this album would have to be the Anthem, Clap Clap, naughty hotty, Dark sea, what up Duyet?, welcome to Viet Nam, just to name a few. But as i said there are 32 songs so you kinda have to listen to the album to find your favorites.

Overall i give this album an (8/10) i thought there could be more hip-hop tracking over the samples he kinda relied to much on the samples.





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